Industry: Finance / Office: Rotterdam

The Challenge

Reposition Promeetec – in terms of brand and identity – as the expert in healthcare claims. Starting elements were: modern, exceptional, reliable, a reflection of the current Promeetec DNA, and distinctive in the healthcare segment.

Concept & Solution

Using the Brown Paper Process Mapping method, we determined who Promeetec is, what it is and what it wants to be. Based on the key values of reliability, expertise and a personal approach, the Promeetec brand will be positioned as an expert in healthcare claims and as the connection between healthcare provider and healthcare broker.


Based on the new positioning and a ‘plan of attack’, we developed a new brand passport, a brand identity and a market strategy. This brand concept served as the basis for the creation of relevant communication tools: a logo, stationery, a web site, mailing campaigns, folders, and promotional materials.

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