Industry: Electronics / Office: Rotterdam

The Challenge

Philips Lighting chose a new direction with the Hue brand. Hue has been on the market for a while as a high-tech product. Market research showed that tech enthusiasts have been the early adopters and loyal buyers of the Hue products. The challenge was speaking to the desires of a larger group of consumers. This required a new approach.


Concept & solution

An important aspect of the new approach is a complete communication hierarchy. What makes up the Hue product range? How do consumers recognise the Hue products? How do we communicate the difference between full colour, warm vs cold light, yellow vs white? How do you explain the need for a special console, or just a remote? Those are the some of the many questions we tackled.

Consistency is key throughout all our Philips designs


The design of a new range of packaging, the optimisation of the visual communication hierarchy, a complete review of the consistency of visual packaging elements, and even technical support in Print Quality Management, are just some of the specialties in which Design Board supports and advises Philips Lighting on an ongoing basis.

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